Repairing the screen of your iPhone will be much faster with this change of Apple -


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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Repairing the screen of your iPhone will be much faster with this change of Apple

From now on, when we have a screen problem with our iPhone, we will not have to wait so long for it to be changed or fixed. The reason is that providers will no longer need specialized machines to calibrate the screens of smartphones, but will be all through software.

Thanks to Apple's new software, repairing the screen of your iPhone will be much easier and faster
This change in the repairs made by Apple has been made known thanks to the MacRumors website, which has had access to an internal document explaining the process to be followed.

From today, the Genius Bars and Authorized Service Providers by Apple will be able to calibrate the screen of the repaired iPhone 6s and later without the need for special machinery. The process will be done through a Mac Mini or MacBook Air, to which the mobile phone will be connected , and which will use a company's diagnostic and calibration software. Thus, it will stop using a physical device calibrated 3D Touch.

Apple says that with the change there will be three benefits , both for suppliers and consumers:

More flexibility (in terms of space) for suppliers, since the previous machine occupied a considerable space.
Reduction in waiting times for customers, which suggests that the software calibration process is much faster.
Later this year, more authorized suppliers from Apple around the world will have the opportunity to expand their repair services.
The company will notify the suppliers of the steps to follow to make the change to the software process and stop using the calibration machine. In addition, all those who have one of these devices must return it on a certain date that is still unconfirmed .

In short, a change that will benefit all parties , both providers and users

Via | MacRumors

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