The iPhone XR has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4, does it make a difference? -


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Monday, 24 September 2018

The iPhone XR has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4, does it make a difference?

Apple introduced three new smartphones in its latest keynote, two versions with OLED screen and a cheaper version with LCD screen. Both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max have the highest density of pixels present in an Apple device, with 458 p / p . On the other hand, the LCD screen of the iPhone XR has the same density of pixels as the iPhone 4, 326 p / p .

However it is noteworthy to note that all models, from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 8 (and except for the Plus versions), have had the same pixel density of 326 p / p. But do you really notice the difference?

Is the resolution with less pixel density really noticeable?
There is an interesting debate about whether the pixel density of the iPhone really influences the daily use of the terminals. At a regular viewing distance, it is incredibly difficult to discern differences in the resolution of two mobile devices with different pixel density. Unless you know exactly what you're looking for.

Yes, a higher resolution (and more if it is an OLED screen) in theory looks much better, but in practice the differences are barely visible.

But there is something positive and much more interesting in all this. Screens with a higher pixel density obviously imply a higher energy expenditure . Therefore, the LCD screen of the iPhone XR will give you a battery with a much longer duration.

The iPhone XR has many differences with respect to the iPhone XS , Apple's cheaper smartphone does not offer 3D Touch functionality, it does not have a dual camera and its side frame is not made of stainless steel, but of aluminum . However, it does have some features and hardware components present in the XS line, such as the A12 Bionic processor, Face ID facial recognition technology and wireless charging system.

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