The Netflix premieres are available for this month of October -


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Monday, 24 September 2018

The Netflix premieres are available for this month of October

The popular Netflix platform adds new and fascinating audiovisual content to its platform. And it is time to announce everything that will come for this next October , which is interesting.

Still do not enjoy the benefits of Netflix? You can try it for free for a month and once expired, you can subscribe to its services . It is undoubtedly the most popular platform and one of the best content offers. At the moment these are the premieres with confirmed dates, we will update as they get to know more news .

Netflix releases for October 2018


  • Salvation. Season 1. Day 1.
  • Archer Season 8. Day 1.
  • Marvel: Agents of shield. Season 8. Day 3.
  • Creeped Out (The chronicles of fear). Season 1. Day 4.
  • Little Things. season 1. Day 5.
  • Big Mouth Season 2. Day 5.
  • Blood pact. Season 1. Day 10.
  • Dinasty. Season 2. Day 13.
  • Black Lightning Season 2. Day 16.
  • Darededvil. Season 3. Day 19.
  • Wanderlust. Premiere. Day 19
  • Bodyguard. Premiere. Day 24
  • The chilling adventures of Sabrina. Day 26
  • Castlevania. Season 2. Day 26.


July 22. Day 10
The Apostle. Day 12
Highwaymen. Day 19

Download Netflix for iPhone and iPad
You can install the official Netflix application for iOS on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by clicking on the following download button :

How to renew your Netflix subscription

There are different ways to renew your monthly Netflix subscription, in this brief tutorial we explain how to do it from your iPhone or iPad.

1. Open the iOS App Store.

2. Access the "Apple ID" button at the bottom.

3. Select the "View Apple ID" option.

4. Enter your credentials or use Touch ID.

5. Click on the "Subscriptions" section.

6. Choose the Netflix option you want.

The monthly Netflix subscription is available in three modes : € 7.99 (1 screen and HD quality), € 10.99 (2 simultaneous screens and HD quality) and € 13.99 (4 simultaneous screens and 4K quality).

Now that you know the news of Netflix for this next month, it is a good time to sign up on the platform and be always aware of the best offers of series and current affairs.

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