Monday, 24 September 2018

This is how the Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection works

The new Apple Watch Series 4 that Apple presented during the keynote of September 12 in the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park has a novel function of detection of falls.

This curious feature uses the gyroscope and the new generation accelerometer to detect if a person has suffered a fall. Immediately afterwards, and immediately, the Apple Watch Series 4 offers a series of options, including a call to emergency services if necessary.

Do you want to know how the fall detection of Apple's next-gen smartwatch really works? Do you want to see the performance in full action and know all its features? Keep reading!

The fall detection feature of the Apple Watch Series 4
Apparently, the most recent wearable apple company's fall detection is disabled by default for the vast majority of Apple Watch Series 4 users and needs to be activated manually.

Apple explained that the function is activated automatically if a user has established his age with more than 65 years in the Health application previously.

To activate the fall detection function manually, you must enter the SOS Emergency section of the Apple Watch application.

Here you can see a video on how fall detection works on the new Apple Watch:

After detecting that a person has fallen, the Apple Watch Series 4 shows a series of options to choose from:
  • Call the SOS emergency services.
  • I've fallen, but I'm fine.
  • I have not fallen.

Also, if the smart watch detects that you do not move for more than one minute, a 15-second countdown will begin before calling the emergency services. As an important fact, it should be noted that Apple indicated that the smartwatch does not detect absolutely all the falls , but it is certainly a very useful feature that could save your life.

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