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Sunday, 23 September 2018

What are HDR, Auto HDR and Smart HDR and how do they improve your photos?

Replacing a traditional camera with a state-of-the-art smartphone like the iPhone is not crazy . Its sensors and lenses are getting better, providing a good level of details and colors that adjust to reality.

With each new version of Apple's smartphone, photography is one of the most improved aspects. The Smart HDR feature has been added to the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR , but how does that improve your snapshots?

What is Smart HDR

The Smart HDR is, basically, like the normal HDR, only smarter. Take full advantage of the new and advanced sensors of the cameras, along with the A12 Bionic chip , artificial intelligence and other components to improve a photograph. Thus, photographers can take very well illuminated images in an artistic way with hardly any effort and with a great dynamic range.

In other words: press the trigger, the iPhone takes care of the rest . For all this, the Smart HDR is only available in the latest models of the bitten apple and not in previous years.

How is it different from normal HDR?

The acronym HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a digital photographic technique that helps in times when there is a lot of contrast. Makes the composition and tone mapping of the images to extend their dynamic range beyond the native capabilities of the device . Its operation improves when you photograph a shaded element against a background full of light.

When we take a picture with the HDR of the active iPhone, in reality three images are taken . Each of them has a different level of exposure and then join the best parts into one.

And the Auto HDR?

With the arrival of the iPhone X and 8/8 Plus, the High Dynamic Range is always active , so it has been called Auto HDR. It is used in both the front and rear chambers when you think it is more effective. However, the user can deactivate it from the settings.

If for some reason we want to disable this function when we go to take a picture, we have to go to Settings> Camera.

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