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Sunday, 7 October 2018

6 reasons why iPod touch is still a good buy

In the current Apple catalog, there is not much choice if we want an iPod. The only model available is the 6th generation iPod touch, launched in 2015 . Three years in which there has been no news and that makes us think that the company wants to get rid of it too.

Although its specifications are not the best, iPod touch is still a device that can give a lot of war . If you want one but you are undecided, we tell you 6 reasons why it is still a good purchase.

It's a music player, and point

The iPod touch has two variants in terms of storage (there are 5 different colors), one of 32 and another of 128 GB. In most cases, the first one is more than enough , but if our music library is very extensive we may have to pull the second.

Although you can install more applications from the App Store, it is not essential. The safest thing is that for other uses we pull our mobile phone , in which we store photographs, contacts and documents with sensitive information. That is why if we do not have a lot of memory, we can not synchronize all our music.

In addition, if we use helmets or Bluetooth headphones such as AirPods there is no problem, since it has this technology . And if, in addition, we have a subscription in a service such as Apple Music or Spotify we can also pull the iPod touch for it.

Perfect for the holidays
Being compatible with Bluetooth speakers or other sound equipment, is the king of the holidays . Many of us use a mobile phone for this purpose, but storing so much personal information is not always the best solution. IPod touch is a music player that does not have to have data from our contacts or messages if we do not want to. So, if someone wants to put a song, we will not have to be always alert in case they spy on us.

It can be used as a remote control
If we have compatible devices with HomeKit, we can control them from iPod touch . If, in addition, we have an Apple TV, it can serve as a remote control to control it through the TV Remote app. Thanks to its touch screen, controlling these devices is very simple and convenient.

The perfect predecessor of an iPhone for your children

An iPhone is a very expensive mobile phone, and more for a child. If you think your son or daughter is not yet ready to have one, an iPod touch can be a great option . Whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can send iMessages, check and update your profile on social networks, take pictures, play games and consume multimedia content from platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.

In other words, you can do the same thing with an iPhone less call (well, by FaceTime, Skype or similar if possible) . Another advantage to consider is that with an iPod touch we do not need a mobile phone plan, so in addition to being cheaper than the Apple smartphone will not be an extra expense at the end of the month.

The best partner for sports
There are several reasons why the iPhone is a great companion when it comes to exercising. One of them is its compatibility with the Apple Watch, with which to register all our activity. Unfortunately, iPod touch is not compatible with the company's smart watch, but that does not mean you should discard it .

Due to its lightness, its ease to attach it to the arm by means of a bracelet or to carry it in the pocket, it can be perfect for our trainings . We can even leave it in the gym bag or next to the kit.

And being compatible with apps in the App Store, we can download in it the ones we usually use to train in our iPhone and thus dispense with the latter without problems.

Substitute for your car radio

When we are driving, not all areas have good coverage or mobile signal quality . This can make playing music from the iPhone complicated. This is why iPod touch can be a great option. Because of its storage capacity, we can load all our music without problems.

In this way, we do not have to be aware of whether we catch 4G or Spotify can not connect to the network.

And these are the 6 reasons why buying an iPod touch in 2018 is not crazy.

Via | iDropNews

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