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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Apple GiveBack: experience of an Apple Watch change in the Apple Store

Since it appeared in the leaked official images, it was clear to me that I was going to get an Apple Watch Series 4 . I will not tire of saying it, but it is the best smart street watch, and it has taken advantage even of its own predecessors. The Series 4 has no point of comparison even with the Series 3, and there is only one year difference. Renewed design, bigger and rounded screen, ceramic and sapphire back ... The change list is quite extensive, and I just could not ignore it.

The Apple Watch is a product that you do not acquire out of necessity, but rather out of curiosity. The need comes when you discover how comfortable it is to have all your notifications on your wrist and forget about the phone. And if you develop that need too much, in the end it's quite difficult to leave your Apple Watch behind. The new watch reinforces that, and we add what it will cost you to stop looking at it as soon as you wear it for the first time. And is that if the previous ones were pretty, this is beautiful.

As I said at the beginning, I simply could not ignore the existence of a model that almost seemed like a completely new line. It was like jumping from iPad to iPad Pro. But I could not stop thinking about what to do with the previous clock if I decided to buy the new one. And then, I remembered that there was Apple GiveBack, a recycling program that allows users to dispose of their devices responsibly and, with any luck, get a discount for the next one.

Switching Apple Watch at Apple Puerta del Sol
Personally, I did not want to have to deal with the process of selling it to an individual on my own, so as soon as I remembered that it existed, I prepared everything to be able to take advantage of it. The program is available both through the Apple website and in the Apple Store . In the first they will give you all the facilities so that you can send it completely free, giving you in return an Apple gift card with the value of the device. The advantage of the second is that the process is immediate.

When I decided that I wanted to get the Apple Watch Series 4, I accessed the program's website, and entered the serial number of my device. Next, I provided some information about the physical state, and after doing so the system presented me with an assessment of it. Now I could continue the process and send it for free, but I preferred to carry it out in an Apple Store , since I had no intention of waiting until November to get the watch.

So, I went to the Apple Store Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, with the intention of leaving with a new Apple Watch . I left the mouth of the subway Sol to find a rainy day, but it was enough to step on the Apple Store to feel like, even with the rain in the background, it could be a very happy day. The kindness of its employees, the organization, the speed ... Come on, what you can find in the vast majority of the Apple Store, nothing new in that regard.

Normally, people are directed to the different employees to know the products more in depth. In my case, I have quite studied the clock, so it was enough for me to see it physically in order to choose the model I wanted. And as soon as I chose it, I asked a specialist located at the entrance to start the process of buying the watch, hoping that the model I wanted was in stock, something that can be consulted from the Apple Online Store , in the collection option in shop.

Luckily for me, my Apple Watch Nike + Black with Sport Loop was available. In GPS version yes, given that Movistar has not yet enabled the eSIM . After confirming it, he summoned me to one of the demonstration tables, and told me to wait a bit for one of his classmates to be available. And not two minutes later , a charming specialist greeted me, and asked me about the Apple Watch model I wanted to buy to confirm it.

Once everything was ready, I asked him about the Apple GiveBack program, and I showed him the clock, which was still on my wrist. To begin with, he asked me for the serial number and reminded me that only the box was necessary , neither the straps nor the charger or the box were accepted. That is always an advantage, because that way you can continue using the same belt that you like so much. After this, I removed the Apple Watch, and removed the strap so I could check the status of the box.

Finishing the purchase process, with the permission of the Activation Block
It is important that you know that for Apple to value the device, it can not have significant physical damage, and everything has to work correctly . Otherwise, they will only give you the option to recycle it. In my case, and after the verification of the specialist and the manager, he fulfilled the conditions of the program, so he would receive the appraisal he had previously obtained on the web. Now, I just had to sign the acceptance of the conditions, and deactivate the activation lock.

In this step of the process is when we had the odd problem, and that is that iCloud sometimes does not work as it should, and the activation lock can be activated even if you reset the device . We waited for a while waiting for the system to approve the valuation, because it has to check first that the blockade has been deactivated correctly. This was not resolved until we re-linked it with the phone and entered my Apple ID, but until then it had a good time.

The truth is, I think it's great that even the company can not deactivate the blockade. And the employee's attitude, of infinite patience, was simply magnificent, even after giving "Continue" more than twenty times. However, Apple should solve these types of problems and streamline the process so as not to exhaust anyone's patience while trying to buy a brand new product.

After overcoming the obstacle of activation lock, all that remained was to activate an Apple gift card, and buy the watch below. A curious detail of the process is that they give you a ticket with the conditions of the Apple GiveBack that looks like an annual purchase of the supermarket, that made me funny, although I'm not sure of its usefulness and can send it by mail. Now everything was done, my dear Apple Watch Series 3 was not mine anymore, but with a touch of the iPhone in the POS that would be solved.

As soon as the addictive Apple Pay confirmation tone sounded, I knew that I had already achieved my goal. The clock was already mine, and with the classic bag of the Apple Store I took it to start messing with him. Apple GiveBack allowed me to get the device at a reduced price in a simple way, and almost immediately, without any inconvenience. Now, it's time to make the most of my new baby and hope that next year the jump is not too big.

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