Apple investigates the possible use of students in the manufacture of Apple Watch -


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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Apple investigates the possible use of students in the manufacture of Apple Watch

The work in the Chinese factories is not usually exemplary , in spite of the efforts of many companies like Apple. Today the Cupertino company itself has announced that it is launching an urgent investigation into possible illegal working conditions in one of the Chinese factories.

Apparently the manufacturer Quanta Computer has used teenage students on the assembly line of the Apple Watch . Apple is investigating it since it has "zero tolerance" with this type of cases.

Illegal extra hours to make the Apple Watch
A group that looks after the labor rights of Hong Kong called Sacom has interviewed 28 of these students who worked this summer in a Quanta factory in Chongqing, a Chinese city. In theory these students had come to the factory in practice , but the reality would be very different.

Apparently these students did the same tasks as any other worker , often working overtime and night shifts, which are illegal for internal students in China.

Apple has made a statement to CNN in which they have been very hard in case of confirming the facts.

" We are urgently investigating the report of students who have worked overtime and night shifts. We have zero tolerance for non-compliance with our rules and we ensure prompt action and consequences if we discover violations of our code . "

Apple has also commented that the concrete factory has been audited at least three times between March and June and no students were found in illegal conditions. However, it seems that September has no data.

Apple will go to the bottom of this question and will take the necessary measures so that it does not renege on its code , which is very clear on its website within the responsibility of suppliers .

Via | CNN

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