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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Even if Apple did not sell devices, it would earn more than Nike

The "services" category of Apple has become a source of income of utmost importance for the iPhone manufacturer. The services that include this category include the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud ...

This section of Apple is responsible for generating revenue through digital content and services, and are fundamental for the devices sold by the company. As we always say, Apple's large ecosystem offers a marketing strategy that is as aggressive as it is efficient .

Apple's services are its second most important source of income
Next week, Apple will announce its fiscal results for the fourth quarter, specifically on November 1 . But we can already get an idea of ​​how things have gone for the signature of the bitten apple.

Analysts estimate that Apple's services will show a 21.23% increase in revenue . On the other hand, it is believed that the total income of these services will be around 9,500 and 12,800 million dollars . We would be talking about a 12% to 50% increase in this category, with an average estimate of 21.23% as indicated previously.

Comparing the figures, it is curious to note that these revenues would exceed those of Nike , which recently announced that they have reached revenues of 9.950 million dollars in the fourth quarter.

This huge exponential growth in revenue from the company services of the bitten apple is now even greater than the sales of Apple's iPad or iMac line.

In a week we will see how things have gone for Apple. But, without a doubt, the apple firm will continue to have a wide margin of economic growth in iTunes, App Store, iCloud and Apple Music thanks to its ecosystem.

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