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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

How to use the iOS 12 Widgets on your iPhone and iPad

Widgets Those misunderstood banners that nobody wanted to use on their arrival in iOS 8 because they were a strange little useful copy of Android, but that somehow they have remained in the mobile operating system. In fact, it is one of the most controversial elements of iOS.

Some think that Widgets should be able to be customized (change their shape and size) to be placed between the apps on the home screen. Others think that Widgets are fine in their special section. Others, simply, hate them. And others, like a humble servant, try to make the most of all the possibilities they offer.

Read on to discover how to use Widgets in iOS 12 and how to get the most out of your iPhone, your iPad and your iPod touch.

What are Widgets?

Widgets are a kind of extensions of the applications that provide their contents and their most important functions in a place of faster access . Widgets are available in the Today View through the following methods:

Slide your finger to the right on the home screen.
Slide your finger to the right from the Notification Center.
Swipe your finger to the right from the lock screen.

How to manage your Widgets in iOS 12?

There are two ways to manage your Widgets in iOS 12. On your iPhone (as long as it is compatible) you can use 3D Touch in the icon of an app to add your Widget to the Today View. On the other hand, from the Today View you can press the circular "Edit" button at the bottom to add and remove the Widgets you want.

To organize the Widgets in the Today View, you only have to keep your finger pressed on the right side of each Widget and move it up or down. Organizing the Widgets on your iPhone and iPad is of vital importance to ensure what content you need to view with priority.

What Widgets should you install?
There are hundreds of Widgets available in the iOS App Store, and some of them are really useful. As for example, the widgets of weather information or performance data of your terminal. Other Widgets, such as iOS 12 Shortcuts , will also allow you to execute actions on your device in a matter of seconds. Here are some recommendations:

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