Increase the sale of second-hand iPhone thanks to the launches of the iPhone XS and XR -


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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Increase the sale of second-hand iPhone thanks to the launches of the iPhone XS and XR

Normally we change the device every two years, one the most fortunate. And always at this time there is a significant increase in sales in the second-hand market due to the new releases of Cupertino. The objective of who sells is clear, recover a large part of the investment to face more forcefully the purchase of the new iPhone.

For that same reason it is usual that in purchase-sale portals or second-hand apps you notice an increase of up to 200 percent of these devices. The desire to sell, and to buy, are evident in these places and there is more movement in the movements.

I sell to buy later

To give an example, and so it is told in Europa Press , the day after Apple's keynote and where the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR were presented, 3,000 devices were registered in one day. This confirms two things, that we like to try new things, and that Apple phones have a huge acceptance and are very much in demand.

And it is not something new, last year a similar event occurred during the days after the presentation of the iPhone X. It supposed the total rupture with a conservative design and that, therefore, supposed the tenth anniversary of the launching of the original iPhone.

The next morning we have already in stores the iPhone XR, which could be booked since last Friday October 19. According to information, the previous day a Wallapop was noticed an increase of 60 percent of ads related to the iPhone. The strategy follows a very clear pattern, sell to be able to buy.

Advantages of buying second-hand
We have already mentioned on many occasions that you have to be cautious when buying second-hand , but if the deal is satisfactory and it does not have to be, it is a great opportunity to enjoy devices with little time of use and that follow being in force. The savings can be considerable and probably continue to exit once you want to get rid of it.

Will we see a new rebound of ads this Friday when the owners of the new iPhone XR receive them? We will be attentive to what is cooked in these portals.

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