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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Just today, there is the same number of iPhone with iOS 12 as with iOS 11

Today we discovered that the adoption of iOS 12 is 46% among all Apple mobile devices. Which indicates that there is a virtually accurate division between users who use iOS 11 and users who have installed iOS 12 .

We know this information thanks to the data that you have shared from Mixpanel . His analysis reflects how since the launch of iOS 12 on September 17 the adoption has been increasing, just as the adoption of iOS 11 has been declining inversely proportional .

Currently, iOS 12 is installed on 46.7% of active devices . For its part, iOS 11 is installed on 46.28% of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . And what about the remaining 7%? This is the terminals that have an older version of the mobile operating system of the company of the bitten apple, such as iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 ...

The adoption of iOS 12 will continue to increase little by little
The adoption of iOS 12 is far below the adoption of other versions of Apple's mobile operating system. In fact, the level of mobile devices that have upgraded to iOS 12 during the first 10 days after its official launch has been the worst since the arrival of iOS 7 in 2013 . Only 20% of users decided to download and install iOS 12 on their mobile devices.

Among the possible reasons for this very low adoption rate (it has not reached even 50% in practically a month) we find the possibility that many users have refused to update their devices for fear of suffering lag and slowdowns . Something logical and normal after the great controversy about the low performance of iOS 11 on older devices.

On the other hand, it is possible that some users are still waiting for Apple to correct some bugs still present with the launch of iOS 12.1 , which will also bring video calls in groups and 70 new emojis , two new features that will surely increase the adoption of iOS 12.

Source | Mixpanel

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