One in five Android users plans to switch to iPhone -


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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

One in five Android users plans to switch to iPhone

The debate has always been present, that if Android or iOS and each one with its advantages and defects. But there is a clear reality, more and more users of the operating system of Google that are considering a change to the Cupertino. The appeal is huge, so are the advantages, and the figures speak for themselves.

And although Android users tend to be quite loyal to their ecosystem, it is true that 20 percent of those who use a Samsung phone and 19 percent of those from Motorola , which is certainly a residual in Europe, are considering Change to the iPhone when I change the device.

Cautious figures, but showing a trend

Apple has a certain disadvantage, has a halo of elitism that is still present among people who are completely unaware of how their products are, perhaps nothing is further from reality. Apple is suitable for anyone , since there are many possibilities of financing when purchasing a product and operators usually offer facilities.

But let's recognize that "the closed" of the Apple ecosystem makes it remain a very competitive terminal for the vast majority. Will that be the point on which to migrate from Android? Will Apple attack with an iPhone SE 2 that ends up convincing those undecided? Or will it be for its great after-sales service ? Little by little, Apple are making their way.

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