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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The absence of a calculator on the iPad, what are the reasons?

Many times there are things that we do not know why they happen. Among them that the iPad has never had or still have a calculator to perform operations. It does not make any sense that a device that is mainly oriented towards work does not have a simple and convenient functionality, such as the iPhone.

In this article we will try to find the reasons why your favorite tablet does not have this essential element, always having to resort to external applications or perform calculations through Spotlight, Siri or writing our operations in Safari.

The why of the matter
Let's go to the end of 2009, the iPad is a device that is in late stages of development, as it is presented in January 2010. Steve Jobs, the guru and alma mater of the company sends for Scott Forstall, one of his seconds , to show you the calculator app . Mind you, it was planned that I had it.

Forstall shows Jobs what he has, which is nothing other than the application of the calculator that was mounted on the iPhone of that time, but increased in size to fit the large screen. Steve sees that, that finding accounts does not stop being nonsense and he wants to remove it. The iPad could not show itself to the eyes of the world with that horrible configuration.

And there was no time for the team of developers to do their job facing the keynote of January 27. And yes it has been to this day, the iPad still has no calculator, which is very strange because in the last update another forgotten app was added, that of Voice Notes. What will be the real reasons why the calculator is still not on the iPad? Probably we can do the operations in a simple way with Siri, or using the Spotlight tool. If not, the why is not explained.

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