The Madrid Games Week achieves a new record of visitors with mobile games in hand -


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Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Madrid Games Week achieves a new record of visitors with mobile games in hand

Last weekend the Madrid Games Week was held in Madrid, a celebration that brought together the main entertainment industry in all its areas for four days . From the main brands, to the independent developers, to the organizers of competitions and known influencers, all were present to celebrate the growth of this form of leisure in Spain. And of course, mobile games were also present.

As part of iPadizate, we were able to visit IFEMA to try out some of the novelties that are still to come, such as Pokémon Let's GO, which preserves the Pokémon GO mechanics and allows connection with it; or others less known as Andrana Project, an innovative game developed by the Spanish team of Muquo Games. In addition, we could also see the success of other bets such as the PlayLink social games of PlayStation, which continues to offer new bets for all.

On the other hand, with regard to esports, the MGW hosted several national and international competitions . In this regard, Clash Royale, one of the main mobile games of the moment, had its semifinals and finals of the LVP Cup where MAD Lions won with the victory. And of course, Fortnite was also present with some amateur tournaments that brought together dozens of players to fight to be the last to die.

All in all, the Madrid Games Week has been a small glimpse into the near future of the industry, and 136,200 people have been able to enjoy it during the four days it has lasted. Thus, AEVI and IFEMA, the organizers of the event, have managed to break a new record with respect to the past editions thanks to the assistance of 138 companies distributed in 270 stands. Thus, the MGW has demonstrated the relevance of this industry in our country, and the need to support it to increase its growth.

Press release | Madrid Games Week

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