The stickers arrive to WhatsApp with the latest update -


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Thursday, 25 October 2018

The stickers arrive to WhatsApp with the latest update

The stickers have just arrived to the most used messaging application in the world so be prepared for a bombardment of these stickers during the next few days in your WhatsApp conversations.

Virtually was the only messaging application that did not have stickers , all rivals have this kind of stickers for a long time. Both Telegram and Facebook Messenger, including Apple's iMessage , have stickers.

It seems that in WhatsApp the batteries are being put lately , we had a week full of news, first was the vacation mode , then the dark mode and later the arrival of Face ID and Touch ID .

How to have WhatsApp stickers on the iPhone
As is usual every time WhatsApp launches a new feature, it is slowly expanding among its users . The first thing you have to have is the latest version of the installed application, this is 2.18.100.

If you do not have this version you will not be able to send or receive stickers. To know if you have this version go to the App Store and check that you do not have WhatsApp updates , you can also look at the app itself in Settings> Help.

If WhatsApp has activated the stickers, you will see a new button in the bar where we write for the new stickers. In addition to this WhatsApp is also updating in iOS the way to send GIFs, which now also appear in the bar.

If you do not see this new button , you do not have this option activated at the moment . You can not do anything, just wait for WhatsApp to activate it. It is not worth reinstating the application.

Accompanying the new stickers, WhatsApp has also launched a stickers store with different packs to download for free. Although in the future some insurance appear to be paid, as it happens in the rest of apps of this style.

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