This has been the visit of Tim Cook in Spain: talk with the president and Rosalia -


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Saturday, 27 October 2018

This has been the visit of Tim Cook in Spain: talk with the president and Rosalia

The CEO of Apple visited Spain on Thursday, was specifically in Madrid, on a tour that takes him to tour some European countries. It was an unexpected surprise for many, although the good Tim gave him time to do many things , presidential visit included.

The visit was aimed at the presentation in Spain of HomePod , the smart speaker that was initially launched in six countries last February, and which is already available in Spanish stores since yesterday. For this, Tin Cook moved to the Apple Store of the Puerta del Sol, and next to the singer Rosalía shelled the benefits of this device.

Fruitful and well-used visit

In the presentation, the singer took the opportunity to obviously promote his latest work, which goes on sale next Friday, and was playing the songs on HomePod through his iPhone . Cook took the opportunity to praise the work of the young singer, and to proclaim that "music is fundamental in the lives of people and helps change their minds for something better."

The meeting that took place with the president of the government already had another character, here he did not go in jeans but with an elegant suit. Pedro Sánchez had a lively chat with Tim , in which they exchanged impressions about digital societies, in company technology is capable of transforming the world. In addition, Sánchez presented Cook with the government's starup nation project, which aims to achieve higher levels of digitization.

Similarly, Tim Cook met with developers , Lino Kids and Social Point. The former have launched an app for learning English for children, and the latter are a Catalan videogame creation company with a high level of turnover in their last year.

Although by surprise and in a fleeting way, the visit of the CEO for Iberian lands is appreciated, a place where he affirms that he has found himself very comfortable for the happiness of his people and his character.

Via | Europa Press

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