This is all that Apple did not announce yesterday in the keynote -


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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

This is all that Apple did not announce yesterday in the keynote

The keynote held yesterday by Apple in New York brought us interesting new devices . Tim Cook and his team announced a new and spectacular new iPad Pro and an expected renewal of both Macbook Air and Mac mini .

However, there are several devices and accessories that we could not see . Well because Apple is not going to renew them or because it is not yet time to show it. Whatever the reason, this is all that remained in the inkwell.

iPad mini
Yesterday was a day in which Apple renewed two of the devices that took more time without doing it , the MacBook Air and the Mac mini. However, there is another device that has not been updated for years.

The iPad mini seems to be in a limbo that Apple does not want to remove. The last time it was updated was in 2015 when Apple introduced the iPad mini 4. We do not know what plans Apple has, although Ming-Chi Kuo said we would see an update , it was not like that.

It may be the device that will most time be waiting for its sale of Apple's history , almost 14 months have passed since its presentation. We know that Apple is having problems in its manufacture , but in the instructions of the new iPhone they name the charging base .

Yesterday we did not see any reference to the load base of Apple , hopefully they have a good excuse, whether the product finally comes to see the light and finally cancel it.

AirPods 2
Another accessory that has not been updated either. It is true that Apple has not announced them and so far we have only had rumors , but the current ones have been two years and it has been renewed.

By the way, we have not seen the case with wireless charging for the current AirPods, it must be manufactured together with the AirPower base.

The strategy of Apple is being somewhat confused in terms of their laptops . When the MacBook was introduced, we all saw it as a clear substitute for the MacBook Air, but that has not been the case.

Apple yesterday introduced a new Air and the range of laptops is somewhat messy. It is true that the new Air is somewhat cheaper than the MacBook, but in return has only 128 GB capacity. If we choose the 256 configuration, the MacBook and the Macbook Air have practically the same price .

It would have been more logical to lower the price of the MacBook since it has a smaller screen and a lower processor. But Apple has not thought so and the MacBook was not renewed yesterday.

Apple's desktop computer was not renewed yesterday, not even internally. The exterior design of the iMac already has a few years behind it so it would not have been strange to see a new one where the screen will take better advantage of the frames.

It has not been this way so this redesign is postponed for later. The internal configurations have not changed either , the iMac remains the same.

Mac Pro
Another Mac that is not renewed. Apple is preparing a new Mac Pro , the company itself has recognized. This new Mac Pro promises to be much more configurable than the current one, something that professionals are demanding.

Yesterday could have been a good day to do it, but it was not like that. We may see it through 2019 , rumors indicated that it would be ready next year .

Cases for the iPhone XR
And finally, the covers of the iPhone XR. Apple has not released its official cases for this device , something very strange since the iPhone XS and XS Max do have their own cases.

In addition, Apple inadvertently confirmed the release of an official transparent cover a few days ago. It's pretty weird but we still do not have official Apple cases for the iPhone XR.

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