This is all you miss if you buy the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone XS -


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Friday, 26 October 2018

This is all you miss if you buy the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone XS

This is what you do not have in an iPhone XR
OLED screen
The iPhone XR has an LCD screen, yes, the latest generation. In addition, the density of pixels make it a good candidate to fall in love, that is not OLED does not mean that its spectacularity is less. In addition, its intermediate size between 5.8 and 6.5 inches, neither very small nor very large, can attract fanboys .

Portrait mode for everything

Interestingly, this model has a single camera, but allows the famous bokeh effect. We already know that thanks to him we can blur the background, be it the object to photograph a person, a dog or a book. Well, the iPhone XR only allows you to apply Portrait Mode to people, that is, it only recognizes faces . Can this be a handicap when considering your purchase? Perhaps, although the front camera and thanks to TrueDepth, allows us to selfies with that effect.

Touch 3D

No, the iPhone XR does not have this functionality. However, it seems that the 3D Touch has not finished in the users. It's fine that it exists, the idea is fantastic, but do we really use it as much as we should? To tell the truth, and I spend many hours fiddling with my iPhone, I hardly use it. Will it be the song of the swan and will disappear in the iPhone of 2019?

Thinner frames

Ok, there is an obvious advance with respect to the series 7 and 8. The frame is thinner than in those models, but not as much as in the X and XS series. Frames are more generous, do not suppose a shock too obvious, but there they are. If you come from a "no X" model, you will hardly notice it.

The sensations at hand

Well, to find ourselves in front of a well-finished phone, which will provide pleasant experiences and that has a price significantly lower than that of the iPhone XS, we no longer say anything about the XS Max. Without risk to make a big mistake, it may be the feeling of facing this Christmas .

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