Versace wants to commercialize the legendary retro shoes of Apple of the 90s -


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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Versace wants to commercialize the legendary retro shoes of Apple of the 90s

Maybe not many of you know the story, but Apple sold a clothing line in 1986. Around those years, two units of sneakers were also made that wore the logo of the apple in rainbow . Adidas was the company that supposedly manufactured these shoes, and are currently the most expensive in the world, competing with the mythical Nike of "Back to the Future". The latest Apple retro sneakers were auctioned for 30,000 euros.

That said, and already entering the field, Salehe Bembury (designer of the brand Versace) has recently published a photograph on his Instagram account showing a curious retro sports shoes in the style of the shoes of Apple , with a multicolored symbol and accompanied for the phrase "A wise man once said nothing at all".

The sneakers of Apple and ... of Versace

Apple's shoes are wrapped in a magical aura of mystery. As previously mentioned, it is believed that only one or two pairs of prototypes were made . Although some think that dozens were created exclusively for Apple employees of that time.

If you want to know more details about the retro Versace shoes that Salehe Bembury has shared, we have bad news. And is that the designer did not want to comment anything else about it , so we do not know if it is a prototype, a simple joke or if finally commercialize or not these cool shoes.

But it's fun to speculate. If Apple has partnered with other sports brands like Nike ... why would not I do it with a fashion brand like Versace? It is not the first time that someone dreams of a similar product. We have already seen retro AirPods with the rainbow logo and even retro Beats helmets inspired by the HomePod. How beautiful it is to dream!

Via | Cult of Mac

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