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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Why Apple charges billions of dollars from Google each year

In Spain, we do not know if in other countries it's the same, many people call Google "San Google" because of the possibility of solving problems it provides. Everything you seek is there. And well, you should also know that the Mountain View company pays a non-negligible amount of money annually.

It is not a small sum, we are talking about 3,000 million dollars, a figure that will increase to reach 12,000 million for the year 2019. If we pass this amount to euros, we have the dizzying figure of 10,519 million. Now we understand why Apple is the company that generates more profits, in fact it became trillonaria this past summer.

The secret of those millionaire sums
Google pays these figures to those of Cupertino for being the preferred search engine in the Safari browsers of their iOS and macOS devices. And it's not just about that, how many times do we click on an ad that appears on Google? Surely more than one, so now these amounts can be understood.

The increased use that is increasingly made of mobile devices on laptops and desktops has its extrapolation in these clicks. An increase of 33 percent in the last years in phones and tablets about 11 percent in computers. And there is also a very curious fact, advertisers are willing to pay more, in fact they do, if the ad that is clicked on has been shown in iOS or macOS. They therefore give more value to these systems over those of the competition.

Therefore this business model interests both parties, Google gets many benefits with the data that users provide , which Apple rejects , and they get economic performance by placing Google in a preferred place. The goose that lays the golden eggs? Definitely yes.

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