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Friday, 2 November 2018

4 reasons why AirPods 2 should have already been presented

Apple's last Keynote, which took place in New York City, was plagued with new features. Several products were presented, including the new iPad Pro , without borders and Face ID. But MacBook Air and Mac Mini also had their moment of fame, which after several years without new features have finally been renewed.

However, there were some absences that attendees and consumers missed. On the one hand there is the wireless charging base AirPower, which seems never to arrive. And on the other hand there is the second generation of AirPods .

The wireless cordless headphones from Apple have been on the market for about two years. In this time, users have highlighted its good sound quality and futuristic design. But it's time for the Cupertino to present an improved version like water resistance and "Hey, Siri." Here are 4 reasons why AirPods should have already been presented.

4. The AirPods is the most innovative that Apple has presented in many years
We all agree that iPad, iPhone and Mac updates are great and necessary, but where is the innovation? Since Steve Jobs died, Apple has lost some of that emotion that many felt when the date of a Keynote was set .

That's why when Apple introduced the AirPods, a new product so remarkable, some recovered the illusion . We would have to go back to the Apple Watch to see something similar, and even then it might not be at the same level.

3. They are becoming obsolete

my can improve twice . this means that if AirPods have a range of 4-5 hours on a single charge they could get up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playback.

And if that were not enough, Qualcomm says that this chip is cheaper to produce , so the headphones that integrate it could be cheaper. Although, of course, this depends on the manufacturers.

1. Water resistance

AirPods have proven to be great companions for exercising and practicing sports. They seem to support the sweat drops perfectly, although they do not have the necessary certification. So if you suffer any damage by liquid Apple will not be responsible. This is one of the reasons why certification against water is so important .

On the other hand is the subject. The shape of these headphones allows them to conform very well to most ear shapes. But this does not mean that he does it equally well at all. Apple does not include, as other brands do, silicone molds to increase the grip. It is an addition that many users would appreciate and that costs nothing.

2018 is coming to an end and the chances of Apple presenting this new generation are slim . Everything indicates that the headphones will arrive sometime in 2019, although the date is not clear. It could be in the spring, a season in which Apple has made the odd Keynote.

The only clear thing is that all these rumors assure almost completely that Californians are working on new AirPods. The only advice that can be given is that they can not afford to rest on their laurels because the competition is brutal .

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