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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

5 changes that Apple should make in their devices

Apple devices are usually the most desired by the vast majority of users . The company of the bitten apple has a wide range of products with incredible benefits, but obviously they are not perfect.

Therefore, there are a number of improvements that Apple should implement in its range of products to improve and sell better, especially in certain versions.

Small improvements that Apple should adopt
If Apple introduced some of the following changes, many of its users would appreciate it .

1. Lower the price of the MacBook
We have already discussed the tremendous mess that Apple has with the MacBooks with three devices that differ in power but not in price.

The normal thing would be to lower the price of the normal MacBook , since it is the smallest and the least powerful. Until now we had a MacBook with an entry price close to $ 1000, that's the price that the MacBook should have.

2. Switch to USB-C
A few years ago, the USB-C became the port for everything of the MacBook. This year we have seen how the iPad was applied to this fashion and changed the traditional Lightning port by the USB-C standard .

The next step is the iPhone . In this way we would have a single cable to charge any Apple device . And if you include in the box an adapter that allows faster charging better.

3. Launch a cheap HomePod
The HomePod does not end up exploding and it is undoubtedly due to its high price. Keep in mind that it is not that the device is expensive for what it offers, but more than a smart speaker is a quality speaker .

If Apple released a slightly smaller version in specifications and price would gain market share in the world of smart speakers . In addition it would not hurt if it came with an improvement of Siri.

4. Update the iPad Mini and iPhone SE
The iPad mini has been three years in the market and Apple continues to sell exactly the same without having just lowered its price . It is a device that is currently out of site and deserves an update.

The same happens with the iPhone SE. Apple released an updated version of the iPhone 5s for those who like small screens, but the device is no longer available on the Apple website .

A renewal of both devices for an affordable price that would surely attract many users and generate many sales for Apple

5. Simplify the name of the iPhone
Finally, Apple's strategy with the name of the iPhone must change. Last year came the iPhone X, a new nomenclature that used Roman numerals . This year the name was easy since you only had to add an "S" but, what will happen next year ?.

There are several options. On the one hand we could continue with the Roman numbers and move to the iPhone XI , they could also go back to the traditional name and call it iPhone 11 or maybe something completely new.

To simplify everything, it would be best to leave the iPhone without a number , only iPhone and iPhone Max. We'll see what Apple decides next year.

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