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Thursday, 1 November 2018

5 objective reasons why the iPhone will always surpass Android

When choosing a device, the choice can be focused on many factors, although many often prioritize the monetary over another. Android phones are tremendously popular for many reasons: there is a huge range, of all possible prices and adapted to the real needs of users.

But as a general rule Android devices can not compete one on one with an iOS for various reasons and in this article we will see what they are. Join us to meet them and finish convincing you why the iPhone will always surpass any Android device.

5 objective reasons why the iPhone will always surpass Android


As much as Google insist on making known that their phones are safe, which they are, an iOS device sweeps in this regard. The strength of iOS is much higher given its closed nature , you just have to see the continued friction of the US FBI with Cupertino. Apple has refused to provide access loops for an iPhone involved in a crime, having to be done by a separate technology.

App Store more controlled
In Apps, it takes very seriously not only the security of iOS, but of all those applications that are in the app store. Everything that goes into this has been controlled safely and when some kind of strange thing is detected, it is automatically removed. The security of iOS in this case is complemented , preventing harmful software on our devices and that may cause some harm.

And there is something that has the App Store that gives you an advantage over Google Play, the conditions to receive a refund in case you have made a wrong purchase are much less strict. As always, Apple facilitating the experience with its customers. Do not know how to get a refund from the App Store? We tell you what.

Hardware and software integration

Apple designs and manufactures both software and hardware, always giving a very fine result. In the case of Android is not the same, there are hundreds of different manufacturers with different ways of understanding the concept of telephony. The different versions of Android do not work in the same way on all devices. With this we find that the degree of stability, fluidity and speed is not the same.

Therefore, something very typical of something, eye, some, users of Android is to throw in the face the "racanerĂ­a" of RAM of Apple. But of course, while designing the software and hardware does so optimizing each part of the processor and memory to the maximum, that is not a problem. Hence, the iPhone X 2017 with 3 GB of RAM, face and be able to overcome other devices that exceed it in memory.

Sensations at hand

For tastes colors, it's obvious. We are not going to be the ones who say that Android devices are ugly, because they are not. The designers are able to make real designer jewels and it is true that many of these phones are beautiful. Maybe we can say that in Android to have a "premium" feel you have to go for a high-end device. Those of more economic manufacture already know what happens, abuse of more economic materials, something obvious, and different sensations.

In Apple any device that you put in your pocket has some excellent finish, the best materials are used within their range and the feeling is quite top in this regard. The extinct iPhone SE, a phone that you could buy for less than 400 euros in some stores already gave excellent finishes. True, Apple pays for breathing, but the way to top their products, with some exceptions , is very good.

What comes next

Let's talk about the SAT, to which we have dedicated an article . Perhaps it is one of the points that those who try with the bitten apple repeat. My experiences have always been very satisfactory, I suppose that in the case of Android this response will be diversified according to the manufacturer. Maybe send an Android of a Chinese manufacturer to the SAT can be a long experience, or maybe not. Just see the example of Xiaomi and its stores that are beginning to populate our country. But who are they looking at ? I do not say more.

What are your reasons why an Android device will never be like an iPhone?

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