An iOS 12.1 error allows you to access contacts from the home screen -


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Thursday, 1 November 2018

An iOS 12.1 error allows you to access contacts from the home screen

Privacy and security have always been two essential aspects for Apple and its operating systems . iOS is one of the most secure systems and Apple strives in every update to fix bugs.

However, the recently released update to iOS 12.1 includes an error that allows access to contacts and their information is having to unlock the iPhone . This error takes advantage of new group calls of up to 32 people .

As usual in these cases, a series of steps must be taken to replicate the error.

This iOS 12.1 error allows access to contacts without the password
Before explaining the error and the necessary steps, we must bear in mind that for the time being it has been possible to replicate in devices with Face ID , we do not know if in iPhone with Touch ID it will work. In addition you must have activated Siri in the lock screen.

To access contacts without the need for the device to recognize our face or without our password, follow these steps :

  • The first thing is to tell Siri to make a call .
  • Then we click on the FaceTime button.
  • Immediately after we put the iPhone in Airplane mode .
  • Now we open the options of the FaceTime call by clicking on the 3 points .
  • Click on add person to the call.
  • Now click on the "+" .
  • We can now access the contact list .

If we press hard with 3D Touch we can see all the information, numbers, addresses, emails and anything.

For now, the only thing you can do to avoid it is to disable Siri with the iPhone blocked. For this we go to Settings> Face ID and code> Siri .

The error has been discovered by a group of specialists who have tested it on video. Hopefully the next iOS update includes a solution to this serious security problem.

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