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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Apple launches a screen replacement program for the iPhone X

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone X as the company's first phone with an OLED panel, a perfect quality jump to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the line. The Super Retina, which is the name with which this screen is known, managed to become one of the best in the market and positioned the iPhone X as a benchmark in its first attempt. The problem is that when you take such a big jump, it is more likely that you have some stone in the way.

These months, some users of the iPhone X have been reporting, through different channels in the community, the existence of a major defect in the screen of some units. According to Apple, the screen may have problems with the response of the touch panel due to a defective component of this. For this reason, and because it seems that the problem affects more people than expected, the company has launched a program to replace screens for iPhone X.

Users affected by this problem should go to the dedicated website of Apple technical support, or request an appointment at an Apple Store, where they will attend you in a personalized way. The screen change is completely free for the client, although if your iPhone has suffered any major damage that may be a problem for the repair, you will have to fix it first. In addition, you will not receive a guarantee extension when opting for this program.

..As far as is known, any iPhone X could be susceptible to suffer this screen defect . No specific serial numbers, nor dates of purchase or specific models have been indicated, therefore, at the slightest sign that you may be suffering from this problem, it is best that you contact Apple support.

Via | MacRumors

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