Apple will not publish the sales figures of iPhone, Mac and iPad -


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Friday, 2 November 2018

Apple will not publish the sales figures of iPhone, Mac and iPad

Today is being a busy week at Apple, not only have they had one of the most important keynotes of the year with the launch of the new iPad Pro , MacBook Air and Mac Mini , it has also been their presentation of results for investors . In these presentations, everyone can learn about the state of the company, as well as its future plans. In that line, Apple has revealed an important change that will begin to be applied from now on.

It is nothing new that blood is made from company numbers. The competition takes advantage of any opportunity to put itself ahead, even if only theoretically. The community also likes to keep up, especially the haters. But in this case, what matters is what investors think. And in Apple, it seems that they have no intention of allowing them to be frightened by possible sales drops that may occur in the future.

For this reason, the company announced in the recent presentation of results that they will not offer sales data for iPhone, iPad and Mac . Thus, the three product categories will announce their sales figures together, in the same way that happens with the Apple Watch, which is under the section of wearables. Those of today, will be the last ones to offer publicly, so that the next presentations will not be as interesting as they have been in this regard.

This change could be due to the possible decrease in sales that could occur in the line of the iPhone in the coming years. In fact, the company itself seems to recognize this fact, and is already preparing new products and services that can take over in the future from the category that currently accounts for 59% of its profits .

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