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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Can Final Cut Pro be used on the iPad or iPad Pro?

A few years ago this question was unthinkable, however, right now the new iPad Pro has plenty of power to move heavy video files, so the question makes all the sense in the world .

Despite making sense, the answer remains the same. No, Final Cut Pro is not compatible with the iPad Pro and at the moment we have no clues that it will be soon. Although the new iPad Pro seems to open this possibility.

Final Cut Pro on the iPad Pro is a must
Apple claims that its new iPad replaces laptops , they sell it as a professional tool, however there are still several aspects to be polished . The main one of them all is iOS.

iOS for iPad is without a doubt the best operating system that can be, fast, with millions of applications and everything perfectly adapted. However, the iPad Pro uses that same system, there is no iOS Pro .

For this reason, the iPad Pro can do the same as the iPad 2018 , it will do it faster and everything will be more fluid and more productive, but they do the same since they have the same operating system.

For Final Cut to be compatible with the iPad Pro Apple should correct some defects. The arrival of the USB-C is a great improvement but it does not end up being perfect . For example, you will not be able to connect external hard drives to access video files . And having them pass from a camera is much less burdensome.

Many professionals are waiting for this type of improvement to replace their laptops definitely , but for now there is no possibility. Of course, there is nothing discarded for the future.

Adobe has already presented its official Photoshop app for the iPad , a real application, like the one we have on the Mac. So if Adobe can, Apple can also . iOS 13 should bring many new features and hope that Final Cut Pro for the iPad is one of them.

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