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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Everybody to the floor! The iPhone XR withstands breakage as much as the iPhone XS

It is already known that when a new device appears on the market, videos or tests appear in which the resistance of said devices is shown. We have seen everything , immersion in liquids, shots, fire or firecrackers. How could it be otherwise, the newly released iPhone XR has undergone some test fall and dubbing by Square Trade.

The tests have consisted of dropping an iPhone XR from almost two meters high and pressurize it with a press that has applied 117 kilos on the screen, in order to measure the resistance. And the results draw attention in terms of durability. If you want to know them, it is best that you watch the video.

How tough is the iPhone XR?

Well, the tests do not give rise to doubts, if you drop the iPhone XR from a height of almost 2 meters, the body and the screen do not resist. It happens the same as with the iPhone XS, the body of glass ends up exploding and leaving the device out of combat . Apple has boasted of making a rugged phone, but at this point the verdict is relentless.

Many wondered if the cheaper materials of the iPhone XR would make a phone less resistant, but it is not. The price difference between this and the iPhone XS is not manifested and in both cases the result is identical. It also surprises the pressure test to which it is subjected, in which the iPhone XR holds up well and the screen does not suffer damages that make it unusable.

Interestingly, producing the same type of damage, fix a screen out of warranty on the iPhone XS Max costs 140 euros more than the iPhone XR , and only 90 more if we talk about the iPhone XS. Are they data that should make us reflect? And it is that the iPhone XR is not a lowcost phone and this is demonstrated.

Via | iDrop news

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