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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

How to know how many times you see the iPhone a day

Yesterday we told you about it, today's society is very aware of its smartphone that has become a fundamental tool, both for leisure and work. On average, iPhone users watch their device 53 times a day .

As always, this is about an average. There are those who consult it at all hours and who do not just look at it . However, thanks to one of the novelties of iOS 12, we can know exactly how many times we look at the iPhone a day. We'll tell you then.

Do you know how many times you look at the iPhone a day?
Apple introduced a new feature called Time of Use with iOS 12 . We have already told you how you can configure it to control it completely and try to use less your iPhone or iPad.

Time of use includes many functions and among them there is one that shows us the times we look at our device up to date . Specifically, it is called "Device queries" and it shows us in a graph by the hour all the queries.

To access this option and see how much you see your iPhone a day, you should do the following:

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
Scroll down to Usage time and enter the section.
Now you must click on the large graphic that appears above.
Scroll down to the second section: "Device queries" .

In this section of Time of use we can see all the times that we have consulted the iPhone . We see the time of the first consultation of the day and the total consultations. If we click on the different bars of the graph we can see the consultations per hour that we have done.

A little below we see the applications that we have consulted . There will always be more total consultations than those of the applications since there are times when we look at the iPhone and do not enter into any application.

Surely you are, like me, those who consult their iPhone a lot . Thanks to Apple and iOS 12 we can try to control ourselves more easily.

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