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Sunday, 25 November 2018

How to know the serial number and model of your iPhone

All Apple devices have two numbers that identify them . On the one hand we have the number that identifies the model, for example there are up to 6 different models of iPhone XS. On the other hand we have the serial number.

Both numbers are important, with the model number we can quickly identify the device , it is difficult to distinguish an iPhone X from an XS of the same color. And the serial number gives us other information such as Apple's official warranty.

How to know what iPhone do I have?
These are two important numbers that will identify your iPhone model and ** both can be found on the device itself **. Let's start with the iPhone model.

The number that identifies the iPhone model we have can be found in two places . Each iPhone has it printed, but it is somewhat hidden. Also within the iOS settings we can also locate it.

To locate it physically we will have to take out the tray of the SIM card and inside, in the part next to the screen, we will be able to see the model number of the iPhone.

Another slightly easier way to find the iPhone model number is from the iOS settings. For this we go to Settings> General> Information and click on Model . The number will change to something of the AXXXX style.

These are the different numbers that iPhone models have , so you can easily identify them.

iPhone XS
Model A1920 (GSM)
Model A1920 (CDMA)
Model A2097 - International model, Spain
Model A2098 - China
Model A2100 - China Mobile
Model A1920 - Hong Kong
iPhone XS Max
Model A1921 (GSM)
Model A1921 (CDMA)
Model A2101 - International model, Spain
Model A2102 - China
Model A2104 - China Mobile
Model A2104 - Hong Kong

iPhone XR
Model A1984 (GSM)
Model A1984 (CDMA)
Model A2105 - International model, Spain
Model A2106 - China
Model A2108 - China
iPhone X
Model A1865 (GSM)
Model A1865 (CDMA)
Model A1901 (GSM) - International model, Spain
Model A1902 (GSM) - China
iPhone 8
Model A1863 (GSM)
Model A1863 (CDMA) -
Model A1905 - International model, Spain
Model A1906 - China
iPhone 8 Plus
Model A1864 (GSM)
Model A1864 (CDMA)
Model A1897 - International model, Spain
Model A1898 - China

iPhone 7
Model A1660 (GSM)
Model A1660 (CDMA)
Model A1778 - International model, Spain
Model A1779 (CDMA) - China
Model A1780 - China
iPhone 7 Plus
Model A1661 (GSM)
Model A1661 (CDMA)
Model A1784 - International model, Spain
Model A1785 (CDMA) - China
Model A1786 - China
To know the serial number to check the service and support coverage of Apple on its official website we must go back to the iPhone settings. Once there we enter General> Information and go down to serial number , it is a combination of several unique numbers and letters of each device.

As you can see, identifying the iPhone model is very simple . It is also important if you want to buy a second hand, with these two numbers you will know that it is not a fake iPhone .

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