Netflix updates its app to meet the demands of the new iPad Pro -


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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Netflix updates its app to meet the demands of the new iPad Pro

The new Apple tablets have been with us for a week now. Those who are already enjoying them will have found a small but unpleasant surprise: black bars in the apps . These stripes exist because the applications are not adapted to the new screen format of the 11-inch iPad Pro. Netflix was one of those affected.

Luckily, the developers of the streaming video platform have gotten to work and have already solved it .

Netflix, of the few that have already solved the problem of black stripes
If you have a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro this problem does not affect you. Only people who have done with the 11-inch version will see black bars in some apps . This is because due to the new screen ratio developers have to update their applications.

An example of this problem is found in the Amazon platform app . As it is not adapted to the new screen format, there are black bands on the sides and bottom, where the virtual Home indicator is. Netflix also suffered from this problem, but the developers have quickly solved it.

However, although there are some apps that are better adapted, they still need to polish a detail . In many cases, such as YouTube and Google Docs, the virtual Home indicator produces a thin black bar at the bottom that should not appear. This is not the Netflix case.

It is a matter of time that all applications are updated to the new standard of the iPad Pro. Apple has set a deadline for all your apps are updated to these formats and the latest version of iOS, which is March 2019. On that date , all apps will have to be developed under the iOS 12 SDK.

If you are thinking of buying an 11-inch iPad Pro and this problem bothers you , we recommend you wait a bit . At least, the most popular apps should not take long to update.

Via | The Verge

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