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Friday, 16 November 2018

Qualcomm would have hired a company to spread negative stories about Apple

The information gathered yesterday by The New York Times about Mark Zuckerberg's tantrum of forcing Facebook workers to leave their iPhones implied that it was not the only company against Apple at present.

New information that has appeared today shows that Qualcomm could have hired the services of a special company to spread negative, and probably false, stories against Apple .

Dirty war against Apple by American companies
This is the second major company in two days that is accused of using strategies against Apple , although Facebook has no comparison with this story of Qualcomm. In this case we are talking about something much more serious.

According to the sources consulted, this company is responsible for "creating positive content about your company, in this case Qualcomm, and egative about your competitor, Apple .

Qualcomm and Apple are about to enter into a multibillion-dollar legal battle over patents , licenses and the amount of money that Apple pays Qualcomm to use its wireless technology in its products.

Both companies have not reached any agreement and the amounts requested are high, no less than 7,000 million dollars . And this strategy of slandering his rival may be the beginning of a war before the trial begins.

For now Qualcomm has declined to comment on these allegations, Apple has not said anything either for Facebook or for this story of Qualcomm. In a world in which the so-called "Fake News" are the order of the day and get to raise presidents, maybe they can also sink companies .

We will see how this whole network evolves and who finally gets reinforced. Of course these practices are not ethical at all by Qualcomm , which like Facebook, is very angry with Apple.

Via | Business Insider

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