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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Samsung points to the notch and presents three different options

Despite having repeatedly mocked the iPhone X and its "notch" in a controversial commercial spots campaign, and do the same with Google Pixel 3 XL hinting that you could land a plane on your notch ... Samsung has ended up in the fashion of this controversial top frame of the screen of the latest generation mobile phones.

Recently, in its last conference, Samsung has confirmed that it will present four new smartphones for 2019. Three of them will have a built-in notch .


Samsung's new smartphones ... and its notch

During the conference, Hassan Anjum (director of product marketing at Samsung) announced the arrival of four new smartphones with a spectacular design . He stressed that the lateral bevels of their terminals will continue to be reduced to maximize the size of the screen.

The company will present four smartphones: Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O and New Infinity.

Infinity U: Has a design similar to the Notch of the Essential Phone, a small oval cut in half located in the upper center of the terminal screen.
Infinity V: A design very similar to the Infinity U, but with four corners in a "V" shape.
Infinity O: The design of this mobile device will have a hole in a circular shape and will be located in the upper corner of the screen.
New Infinity: This variant will have a design without notch. It will have a large screen that will cover absolutely the entire front of the phone.
It seems that, finally, the notch has won the battle in the mobile phone market . At least, until the technology allows manufacturers to implement cameras and other sensors on the screen.

Source | Andro4all

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