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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Siri had a very curious origin that Jobs witnessed

Siri is Apple's virtual assistant, a sweet female voice that can help us out in a hurry. To a greater or lesser extent we use it, and although I have left it behind to use it to ask absurd things , I admit that I invoke it to make calculations and call my contacts.

It was presented in October 2011 and included from the iPhone $ S, and is not an application that came out of the hands of the Apple team, was purchased in April 2010 for $ 200 million. And there are some details of it that are curious, especially those related to Steve Jobs, the company's guru.

Did you know these things about Siri genesis?

Dag Kittlau was the CEO of the company that took Siri out of the manga. He worked with a Norwegian woman named and is a name with mythological origins that means "intelligent woman who leads you to victory." Nothing more appropriate for an assistant that helps you out of some trances. Interestingly Siri domain was available.

Steve Jobs did not finish convincing that shadow for the future assistant, but the project was developed and advanced and that's how it stayed. It is not known if a more suitable alternative name was not found or simply passed on.

Perhaps the fact influenced, as Kittlau said, that Siri is a simple name to pronounce from any language , which facilitates the invocation.

After the release of Siri, Kittalu and Jobs met at the latter's house, already very sick, and Steve confirmed to the assistant's father that "Apple is patient, we do not address anything until we feel we can do something new, and I have felt that we have achieved it. " " That was his main attraction to Siri. " , according to Kittlau's words.

Finally Kittlau left the Apple company in a friendly way after the death of Jobs.
Via | Cult of Mac

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