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Thursday, 1 November 2018

The 10 key points of the new iPad Pro

Yesterday we had an Apple event and it was not a keynote anymore, Tim Cook and his team presented the biggest design change the iPad has ever suffered . The new iPad Pro comes with great news that means a change forever in the Apple tablet.

As happened last year with the iPhone X, the new iPad Pro launches a design that will be the future of the iPad range for the coming years . These are the key points of the new iPad Pro.

The 10 most important new features of the new iPad Pro
Let's summarize the best features of the new iPad Pro in 10 key points.

Screen to the edges
Undoubtedly the most prominent change of the new iPad that, in addition, conditions many of the novelties. The new iPad Pro is available in two screen sizes, 11 and 12.9 inches, which extend almost to the edges of the device.

Thanks to this we get that in the same space the screen grows from 10.5 to 11 inches . In addition the reduction in thickness of the new iPad Pro makes it lighter than the previous generation.

Liquid Retina Display
Apple premiered the Liquid Retina technology on the iPhone XR , and now it comes to the new iPad Pro. In addition, we must add the ProMotion technology, which makes its response instantaneous. The pixel density remains intact at 264 ppi.

Without Home button
A direct cause of the borderless design is the removal of the start button . The iPad adopts gestures released with the iPhone X for a more homogeneous navigation on all devices. Without a doubt, once you get used to the gestures, you do not want to go back.

Face ID
If there is no Home button, there can be no Touch ID either. Apple is strongly committed to the Face ID and the new iPad incorporates an improved version of its facial recognition technology . In the new iPad Pro, Face ID works in any orientation. It does not matter if the iPad is in horizontal mode or vice versa, it will recognize your face.

A12X Bionic
The fastest and most powerful chip in the mobile market comes with improvements to the new iPad Pro. The iPads have always had a more powerful processor and the A12 X Bionic, which also incorporates the Neural Engine chip, is capable of performing 5 billion operations per second. .

This power is greater than that of 92% of computers on the market according to data from Apple itself. One demonstration of this power is that it is capable of running professional apps like Adobe Photoshop CC without blinking.

New Apple Pencil
The new iPad comes with a new Apple Pencil exclusive to this model. The Apple Pencil 2 does not seem to have improved internally , but where there is news is in its design and way of loading.

Now the Apple Pencil is flat on the one hand and is wirelessly loaded by magnetically joining the edge of the iPad Pro . It is also fully customizable and includes some gestures.

New Smart Keyboard Folio
Little has been talked about the new keyboard of the iPad Pro. After two generations without changes, the keyboard changes radically , both in its form and how to connect to the iPad.

The new Smart Keyboard Folio magnetically attaches to the back of the iPad Pro to protect it. It transfers data and receives power through the new Smart Connector without having to load it. In addition, it now has two viewing angles.

Another of the most important novelties that have come to the iPad. For ** the first time in the history of Apple an iOS device uses a standard connector **, in this case USB-C.

This connector makes it much easier to connect cameras or accessories to the new iPad and also gives us the ability to charge devices such as the iPhone through it.

1 TB of capacity
The new iPad Pro is the iOS device with the highest capacity in Apple's history . Yes, it's very expensive, but you'll have plenty of room for anything you can think of. In addition, this model includes 6 GB of RAM .

18W charger
Finally, the iPad Pro includes a charger much faster than the previous one, we have gone from 12W to 18W . In this way the charging time will be considerably reduced. Apple includes the charger in the box, something that does not happen on the iPhone XS or XR.

So far our review of the most outstanding features of the new iPad Pro, the biggest jump from the original iPad.

Via | iPhone Hacks

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