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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The 3 benefits that a thicker iPhone would bring

For many years one of Apple's greatest efforts was to design increasingly thin devices , something that happened especially with iPhones. In the end we reached some measures that could hardly be overcome and the iPhone, even, gained a few mm .

This is not a bad thing, the devices are still thin, but those extra mm can be used for many things . Today we tell you 3 examples that would greatly improve the iPhone just by getting a little fatter.

A thicker iPhone could be better
It is something quite unfeasible for Apple, since we already have many iPhone models and this trend has not changed. But here are three aspects that would make the 2019 iPhones better when they are somewhat thicker .

Flush camera
With the arrival of the iPhone 6 came a new design with two new screen sizes, but also began the Apple fashion of the cameras out of the device . That fashion continues to this day and the cameras of the iPhone XS and XR stand out a few mm.

If Apple made the iPhone something thicker, just up to the height of the projection of the camera would prevent, for example, the device danced on a table when it is uncoated. In addition we would recover a more classic design recalling the era of the iPhone 4 and 5.

Higher battery
Undoubtedly the best thing to do a thicker device would be the possibility of increasing the battery . This greater thickness would give us an extra space inside the device that should be used to place a larger battery.

The thicker iPhone's motherboard should not occupy much more than the current one , so the space is considerable.

Better speakers
Having more space, another of the improvements to part of the battery could be the speakers. Apple could use a system similar to the iPad Pro with 4 speakers . In this way the iPhone would surpass any rival in this aspect.

There are only three benefits that an iPhone just a little thicker would bring. The camera of the iPhone X and XS stands out only 1.22 mm , so that in hand hardly notice.

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