The Apple Watch could protect you from sunburn in the future -


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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Apple Watch could protect you from sunburn in the future

Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays is associated with a large number of health problems and diseases, some of these problems are much more serious than others. Like skin cancer.

But the effects of ultraviolet rays can cause other types of skin damage such as aging, burns, discoloration, wrinkles, freckles, spots, dermatitis and collagen tissue destruction . As you can see, sunbathing on the beach is not a game, you have to protect your skin well.

And in the future, as indicated by a new patent from Apple, it seems that the Apple Watch will take care of protecting us from the Sun by detecting if the user has been exposed to its ultraviolet rays for a long time.

Apple Watch: alerts of exposure to ultraviolet rays
This same Tuesday, November 20, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published an Apple patent called "UV Exposure and Dosimetry Alert" that describes a system with ultraviolet light sensors that collects data on time and exposure.

In the patent, Apple talks about "a device" but in the images it is clearly reflected that it is an Apple Watch . And this is quite logical since the company's smartwatch always accompanies its users and is usually exposed to the Sun at all times. In this way, it would be the perfect device to perform this task.

As indicated in the patent, the device in question would include ultraviolet light sensors used to detect if a user is away from home. If so, it would determine periods of time in which a user would be exposed to the Sun. In case of a dangerous overexposure, the device would issue an alert automatically to take the appropriate measures.

Via | Apple Insider

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