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Sunday, 25 November 2018

The cheapest iPad keyboards you can buy this Black Friday

These many Christmases will experience the sensation of opening a brand new iPad. Some will have the privilege of receiving one of the iPad Pro models that were recently presented. In any case, I'm sure you've begun to consider purchasing some accessories for your latest acquisition, such as cases or even the new Apple Pencil. However, you may want to consider another interesting option for some tasks.

The iPad can become a most versatile device thanks to the huge library of applications that we have available through the App Store. From the most basic text editing to the most intuitive video editing programs, everything is present in the Apple app store. The issue is, you can not use all 100% until you do with a keyboard for your tablet . Yes, we have a virtual keyboard on the iPad, but the experience is not similar.

If you connect a keyboard to your iPad you will not only have the possibility to improve your efficiency at the time of writing, but you will also have access to interesting options such as keyboard shortcuts . With the combination of a couple of keys, you will reach options that were previously harder to find. In fact, you can even take advantage of the Spotlight search from anywhere without having to return to the home screen or to the widgets screen.

Which keyboard suits you?
Before we get to review the latest offers on keyboards for the iPad, the first thing we should do is check the compatibility of our iPad with them . The only thing you should know is that there are two connection methods: Bluetooth or Smart Connector. The first one is available on all iPads, so a keyboard with that technology should work without problem. The second, however, is exclusive to the iPad Pro, which users of an iPad can not use.

The simplest keyboard for iPad users

The first option that we bring you today is the OMOTON keyboard. It is the most basic option on the list, and connects to our iPad via Bluetooth , which means that we need to charge it constantly, but also that we can separate it from the tablet to our liking. Its design is quite similar to that of a normal Mac keyboard, and is available in Spanish distribution, so you will not have problems to put the ñ.

OMOTON Bluetooth keyboard on
A cover with keyboard for those who want to have everything

We continue to level up within the ranges of keyboards for iPad, and we find the Logitech Slim Folio. It is a case with integrated keyboard designed for the iPad (2018), in fact, one of its features is its support for the Apple Pencil, compatible with this latest model. Again, it offers us Bluetooth connection with the tablet, and this time we will not have our dear ñ available . However, combining case with keyboard for this price makes it unmissable.

Logitech Slim Folio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard at
A special model for the new owners of the iPad Pro

Although we still can not find an alternative keyboard sleeve model for users of the new iPad Pro, those who have a 10.5-inch iPad Pro can enjoy a very succulent offer. The Logitech Slim Combo is a case that uses Smart Connector technology to connect your removable backlit keyboard with these iPad models. The best thing about this accessory is that if you do not need the keyboard, you just have to remove it to continue using the case to your liking.

Logitech Slim Combo Case with Smart Connector at
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All the products that we offer today enjoy really interesting discounts on during the Black Friday week, but they are always subject to change . Take advantage of them as soon as possible to be able to ensure that you have your new keyboard or case with the best price to launch it this Christmas with your new iPad. And if you do not manage to make an offer do not worry, Cyber-Monday is just around the corner with even more offers.

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  1. I wasn't gonna buy any more stuff as I already bought stuff this Black Friday, like a lot! And I only bought PureVPN 5 Year deal in $1.32 a month on Cyber Monday for my device, it's a sweet deal. These deals itch me to buy some more!


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