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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The chip T2 of the last Mac prevents some repairs

When it comes to repairing a Mac or iPhone, no site is better than the Apple Store itself. At most, the centers authorized by the company itself. They know how these devices work and who best treat them. However, they are a bit expensive, which causes people to look for other establishments . But this could end in the not too distant future.

The computers presented by Cupertino in 2018 , such as the Mac mini and MacBook Air , can not be taken to an unauthorized repair center. And the 'fault' of this is coprocessor T2.

T2 coprocessor prevents unauthorized center repairs
Apple has made a statement to the website The Verge on the issue of repairs. Apparently, only authorized parts will work with the equipment that assembles the T2 coprocessor . If, for example, the Touch ID stops working and is changed to another one, the T2 would not allow the Mac to work until it has run diagnostic software.

The company has not confirmed which equipment is affected by this new repair policy. Nor has he talked about when this procedure was launched.

The diagnostic software is called 'Apple Service Toolkit 2, and it works in conjunction with the T2 coprocessor. The program includes a resource inspector that analyzes different elements of the computer such as memory, screen and cooling system . This tool is only available to authorized personnel who have access to the GSX network (Apple's Global Service Exchange).

With this new repair policy, Apple greatly hinders repairs for unauthorized services. Many people turn to third-party services because they do not live near an Apple Store or an approved center . The reasons that have led the company to make this decision are unknown. It is speculated that it can be a move to have more market share in the sector of this type of stores.

Via | Apple Insider

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