The eSIM comes to Movistar, currently only available for iPhone XS and XR -


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Monday, 5 November 2018

The eSIM comes to Movistar, currently only available for iPhone XS and XR

On September 12 it was announced during the keynote that the new iPhone would have eSIM availability, the new system that will end up banishing the traditional SIM card and that has been with us for so many years. The reactions did not wait and the news was celebrated with expectation, given the progress that implies.

Today the operator Movistar has announced that from today you can request the eSIM card for our devices, so that if you are a client of the blue company you can go to the store to request it and start enjoying the advantages it provides. You can also request it by calling 1004.

What is an eSIM?
It is nothing more than the natural evolution of the traditional SIM card, so that you no longer have to physically introduce a card in our device. For this, the manufacturer has previously incorporated a chip in the iPhone.

How active?
It is very simple, you must request an activation card, which is nothing more than a card with a QR code that is associated with your line. Making use of your iPhone XS or XR and Wi-Fi connectivity, you associate that QR code to your device, so you can talk and make use of data without a physical card. Movistar has developed a tutorial in PDF with which you can Follow the steps clearly.

What advantages does it have?
There are many, from the most simplified roaming when we travel abroad or the possibility of using more than one line in the same device. The elimination in addition to the physical card, which we do not know when it will have an expiration date, will allow us to gain a few millimeters and get finer devices.

If you are a Movistar EspaƱa customer and you already have a next generation iPhone, you can request your new eSIM for free if you are requesting a new subscription , or paying 11 euros if it is a duplicate.

Via | Movistar

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