The iPad Pro has a new icon related to its USB-C port -


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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The iPad Pro has a new icon related to its USB-C port

Recently we were talking about the reorganization of the icons of the status bar of iOS 12 after the arrival of the iPhone X and its notch in 2017. The elements have now been positioned in the top two corners of the iPhone and iPad.

And today we talk about a new icon of the status bar that has been found in the user interface of the third generation iPad Pro. This icon appears when you connect a hub to the USB-C port .

It appears right next to the battery icon and Wi-Fi connectivity in the upper right corner. It has an adapter shape with cable and only appears for a short period of time when you connect the hub to the USB-C port of the iPad Pro of 2018.

The new USB-C hub indicator in the status bar
This place in the status bar in the upper right corner of the iPad Pro is meant to show some indicators of alerts, notifications and / or warnings . For example, a small red symbol appears when you are making a screen recording.

From now on, when you connect a USB-C hub to the iPad Pro port, the new icon appears, stays for a few seconds, and disappears again.

However, if there is another icon in that place in the status bar, this new USB-C icon will no longer appear . So if you are recording the screen of your iPad Pro and connect an adapter to the USB-C port you will not see any new icon in the status bar of iOS 12.

Although this is a very useful indicator, it gives the feeling that the entire central area of ​​the status bar is a bit wasted . Hopefully this will change in the future, since the iPad Pro came without notch.

Via | Cult of Mac

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