The iPhone XS doubles in LTE speed to the iPhone XR -


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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The iPhone XS doubles in LTE speed to the iPhone XR

Yesterday we made an echo of a surprising news: The iPhone XR is as fast as the iPhone XS despite costing quite less money. And the good feelings that this device is leaving make it a good candidate to be a good deal in sales for the end of the year.

Both the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS have the same processor, the A12X that so many records is surpassing. As we said in the article that we echoed yesterday, both are equally fast. However, there is a terrain in which the iPhone XS is even faster than the iPhone XR.

LTE speed makes a difference

The iPhone XS is twice as fast when it comes to moving around the 4G networks, and it's all because of the Intel modem that it mounts. While the iPhone XR has the 2 x 2 version of the MIMO modem, while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has the 4 x 4 MIMO. The speeds that throws the iPhone XR are the same as the iPhone X of 2017.

But of course, these results are tests performed in very specific environments so they can actually vary depending on the type of network and conditions , but are data that suggest that the work that Apple has done with the iPhone XS is very fine , and that with the iPhone XR have finished a very well finished product.

During the almost two weeks that the iPhone XR has been with us it has been appreciated that it has a very generous battery , a very low energy consumption and a very clear and clear LCD screen. The elements so that facing the Christmas campaign this iPhone can set a trend to follow.

Via | Cult of Mac

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