The magic of the Apple Pencil 2 and its exclusivity with the 3rd generation iPad Pro -


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Thursday, 1 November 2018

The magic of the Apple Pencil 2 and its exclusivity with the 3rd generation iPad Pro

Apple has updated its line of Mac and iPad with new devices such as a MacBook Air, a Mac mini and an iPad Pro. Along with the next-generation tablets, the company also introduced a second-generation Apple Pencil that is magnetically coupled to the side of the iPad Pro.

In addition, the Apple Pencil 2 has a wireless charging system that is activated when attached to the tablet. But this is not all, it also has some exclusive features for the new iPad.

On the other hand, the second generation Apple Pencil does not need to connect through a cable to pair with the iPad Pro . To match the stylus, just attach it to the side of the iPad Pro and ... magic! It will be paired automatically.

An exclusive Apple Pencil for the latest generation iPad Pro
As mentioned previously, it has exclusive features for the third generation iPad Pro. In fact, it would not make sense to buy an Apple Pencil 2 for a tablet from previous generations because it would not be compatible .

The Apple Pencil 2 has a touch surface on one side that offers users the possibility to change strokes, brush and tools. For example, in the Notes application you can press on the side of the stylus to switch between the rubber and the brush. But the best of all is that these gestures are fully customizable and compatible with third-party applications.


We agree that the advancement of technology involves updating new devices, even if we do not like programmed obsolescence. But ... is it really fair to consumers? Keep in mind that the iPad Pro 2018 can cost more than 1,900 euros, and Apple Pencil second generation costs 135 euros. In this way, users who already have an original Apple Pencil and wish to use the new functions of Apple Pencil 2 should spend more than 2,000 euros. Because, as we mentioned, its functionality is exclusive for third-generation tablets.

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