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Saturday, 10 November 2018

The new Apple Pencil does not include a spare tip

Creativity was the main theme of Apple's latest Keynote. The new iPad Pro captured the eyes of the attendees for their novelties in the field of design. Adobe made a small demonstration of the full version of Photoshop for the company's tablets , which will arrive in 2019. And of course, the perfect companion of the device to unleash its full potential is the Apple Pencil. But not everything is as fantastic as the bitten apple wants to make us believe .

The Apple Pencil does not have replacement tips
A user of Reddit, under the pseudonym CameraMan1 , has created a thread on the platform to comment on another Apple nonsense about the Apple Pencil. After reviewing what included the box of the new version of the accessory, has been able to verify that it does not include spare tips . If the consumer needs more, he will have to buy them separately for $ 30 more.

This has unleashed the indignation of the rest of the followers of the brand . Especially professionals such as graphic designers or cartoonists, who are the most used. As the months go by the tip will wear away and it will not be as precise, which will make them have to change it.

Apple during the event the second generation of the accessory for your tablet. The new one is characterized by leaving aside its cylindrical design and hugging the angles, imitating the pencils and pens 'of a lifetime'. It does not have any back cover to remove to recharge its battery, since this does it fitting to one of the sides of the iPad by induction. And here is its most distinguishing point, since it is only compatible with the iPad Pro of 2018, not with the previous ones , and vice versa. That is, if we have an old Apple Pencil we can not use it with the third generation iPad Pro. We can not use the new Apple Pencil in old revisions.

Many say that Apple is becoming too expensive and that there will be a point where they can not afford to buy more products . These are the small details that end up making a difference. Now that this little scandal has been unleashed, it will be necessary to see if Apple reconsiders and begins to include spare tips in the new Apple Pencil.

Via | Reddit

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