The new iPad Pro will be able to charge your iPhone's battery via USB-C -


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Friday, 2 November 2018

The new iPad Pro will be able to charge your iPhone's battery via USB-C

Apple announced many interesting news during the presentation event of its two new models of iPad Pro . And one of the most exciting news was the arrival of the USB-C ports that will replace the USB Lightning ports of previous generations.

That's right, Apple has finally given its arm to twist and has implemented USB-C ports in its new line of iPad Pro 2018. This big change will increase the ability to support third-party accessories and allow users to have many more advantages .

The iPad Pro of 2018 is capable of charging the battery of the iPhone
The third generation of Apple's iPad Pro is the most powerful in history. Its A12X Bionic processor offers a much more efficient performance than any other tablet on the market , a performance that goes far beyond our imagination. The iPad Pro of 2018 is so powerful that it even has a performance similar to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

But as often happens with Apple products, the company has made some important decisions when it comes to including and / or removing hardware elements. It already happened with the 3.5mm jack and it has happened again with the iconic start button. On this occasion, the firm has replaced the USB Lightning port with a USB-C port .

This will bring many benefits to consumers, the company begins to create a new ecosystem of USB-C devices that will connect a camera without using an adapter. And now ... users can also charge their iPhone's battery by connecting it to the iPad Pro and its USB-C port.

In principle, you can use a USB-C to USB-A cable to charge the iPhone's battery. Although the apple company has not yet specified how it will work or how much power the iPad will need to charge the iPhone's battery. But we will remain attentive to this interesting surprise from November 7, when the iPad Pro of 2018 goes on sale.

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