The results of Apple are published, and they do not finish convincing Wall Street -


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Friday, 2 November 2018

The results of Apple are published, and they do not finish convincing Wall Street

In the past few hours, Apple's presentation of the results of Q4 of 2018 has taken place. Along with the keynote of last Tuesday , this is one of the key events of the company, since it serves to update investors about the state of the company In addition, it also allows us to know some brushstrokes of Apple's strategy for the near future .

In general, the health of the company is quite good. Their income continues to rise, and they have never had these figures compared to other years in the same period. From the increase in the prices of the iPhone to the growth of the income generated by the services, going through the great growth of the category of wearables, everything contributes to achieve these record figures. The point is that not everything looks pink for the Cupertino.

After showing how the sales of the iPhone have stagnated in the 46 million units, and with slight falls in Mac and iPad, the company has announced that they will stop presenting the sales figures in the presentations of results. According to their financial managers, they do not consider it to be an important metric , and they will group these three categories under one umbrella in the breakdowns of the benefits of the coming years. And of course, this has caused a major stir.

Although it seems that investors will stop trusting Apple after the joys that have given them in recent years, the truth is that this latest news has caused a 7% drop in the value of the company's stock. In the end, many want this to be the confirmation that the fall of the iPhone is coming. At the moment, and with Apple enjoying a great health, it does not seem that this moment will come in the short term.

Via | MacRumors

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