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Sunday, 16 December 2018

5 things you should never do to your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great product that accompanies us throughout the day. That is why, sometimes, we forget that we take it with us and do not take enough care of it . It is a very delicate device, especially its screen, which can be damaged at the minimum of change. And an Apple Watch with a broken screen does not like anyone.

There are some things you should keep in mind to keep your smart watch in good condition . Not only physically, but also regarding our personal and private information. These are 5 things you should never do to your Apple Watch.

1. Do not use cheap belts

Let's be clear: Apple straps are expensive . The cheapest can be found for about 60 euros, which are rubber and Loop sports. Therefore, when we want a new one, we look for alternatives as affordable as possible.

Portals like Amazon or Aliexpress sell very cheap Apple Watch straps. For about 10 euros we can have, without exaggeration, three different ones. In return, the quality is usually quite bad , it is even possible that they provoke allergic reactions. In the worst case, it can break and the clock kiss the asphalt.

The best thing is to make sure that they are made with good materials and read the opinions of the users to get an idea of ​​the product. It's for your health (and that of your Watch).

2. Fit it well to your wrist

As with any other wrist accessory, you must adjust the Apple Watch so that it is secure but without causing discomfort. This is not only for your convenience, but also for the proper functioning of the device.

If the Apple Watch is very loose, it will not be able to perform the heart rate readings correctly , yielding erroneous results. In addition, it will prevent your skin from transpiring normally, which could cause some problem.

3. Do not let it get hot

In most cases, leaving the Apple Watch too long in the charger should not be a problem. Like the rest of the company's products, they are designed to avoid overheating. But do not forget that still contains a lithium-ion battery inside, so you have to take some precautions .

If you are one of those who carry it at night you can continue doing it, but do not leave it much longer. Also, you must make sure that while charging it does not take a lot of temperature . Therefore, do not load it near a window where sunlight can directly hit it. Finally, check that the chargers are of quality, especially if you have one that is not official.

It is very important to follow these tips, because this way we will make sure that the useful life of the battery is as long as possible.

4. Clean it carefully, no nonsense

Cleaning electronic products is almost an art . You have to know what kind of products and elements are compatible with them so as not to cause damage. The Apple Watch is not an exception. Being a device that is in permanent contact with our skin should be as careful as possible.

Although Series 2 are resistant to water, it is essential that they are dry while not used in the pool or practicing water sports. This applies to both the watch and its belts.

Regarding products, it is always best to use a little water with microfibre cloths to avoid leaving any residue or scratching. Abrasive products or soap are strictly prohibited. The contact of these with the electrical components would result in a catastrophe.

5. Never deactivate the password

The Apple Watch is a miniature computer, and as a computer it must always be protected by a password . It is one of the main commandments of electronic products.

In the watch we store sensitive information such as emails, contacts, text messages and data about our health. Although we tend to always carry it, there are times when it does not. We would not like someone to access them and do evil or sell them to the highest bidder.

Even on iPhone and iPad with Touch ID or Face ID the password must always be activated . If we have learned something, it is that no security system is 100% infallible.

By following these tips, you will keep your Apple Watch always safe and secure from physical and digital damage.

Via | iDropNews

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