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Friday, 28 December 2018

Apple lost 9,000 million dollars in 2018 due to a bad decision

The movements that companies like Apple make throughout the year can be good or bad, maybe Apple has been successful with some businesses but in others it has failed . This is the case we bring you today and that has unveiled the Wall Street Journal.

According to this report Apple lost 9 billion dollars this past year due to a "low performance investment" in itself . The report explains that after Trump's tax reform of 2017, Apple bought its own shares of AAPL at peak prices and with the recent fall it has lost a very important amount .

9 billion dollars for an investment in themselves
Apple shares are not going through their best, although they have rebounded in recent days, its value has dropped to 150 dollars, when its normal price exceeded 200 . It was at that time when Apple decided to invest in itself buying shares, and the plan has not paid off if we see the current price.

Apple repurchased shares worth almost 63 billion dollars during the first half of 2018, this sum is now has an approximate value of around 54 billion dollars. According to the documents presented, Apple bought shares at a value of approximately $ 222.

Apple, as usual, has refused to comment on this matter. And although right now its value has fallen, it is normal that it is not a bad investment in the future . That is, the shares that Apple acquired a few months ago at its highest value are likely to return to a similar price within a few months, so the investment would not have been so bad.

In addition, the money that Apple invested was that of its earnings abroad that did not regularize in the US until Trump lowered the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35%.

Via | Wall Street Journal

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