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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Apple makes clean: 700 apps removed from the Chinese App Store

We know that the relationship between the Chinese government and foreign technology, including Apple, tends to be tense. The Asian giant likes to have everything in control, and good proof of this are the limitations that foreigners who visit the country when surfing the Internet.

The use of VPN apps is a constant in this country to circumvent the controls, although today we have known the cleaning that Apple has done in the application store for this country. Nothing less than 700 applications have been eliminated for not complying with the strict criteria that Americans request, which is logical if you want to maintain a certain level.

Apple does not want messes
The reason for this is found in how Apple wants things to be done. It does not allow an app of the store to be updated without going through the filter of the company itself , that is, once they accept their conditions you can not continue to develop it without their authorizing it. And that has been the cause that apps developed by Sogou, among others, have disappeared.

And it is that the control that wants to exert the Chinese government is not seen with good eyes by Apple, and to which it is necessary to add the last declarations of Trump, in which it is threatened with new taxes for the imports that have as origin that country .

Between one and the other they get that China is always in the pillory, however the apps are a generous source of income for Apple. It is estimated that 30 percent of your profits come from the download of digital content. A juicy cake that they do not want to lose in the most populated country in the world.

Via | The Telegraph

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